SHIFT DIGITAL: a coaching workshop


  • You want to sell online, but the website you just poured your efforts and hard-earned money on is not bringing any sales.
  • You've outsourced your social media marketing to yet another agency and still not getting results.
  • You're online shop analytics scream that your customers' behavior is changing but you can't put your finger on why yet.
  • You think software & IT systems are expensive and you can't find space in your budget to digitize your business beyond email, WhatsApp, and social media.
  • You have secured a budget for your digital initiatives but you are not sure where to start.
  • You're about to start or just started your first small business and you want it to be digital from the get-go.


  • Get better at uncovering gaps in your digital marketing effort as you move forward.
  • Understand what's stopping you from getting a steady stream of online sales and fix it.
  • Get better at understanding who your customers are to focus on your target market.
  • Map your customer's journey in detail and know where you need to put more effort
  • Design an operational workflow that can best deliver on your online sales.
  • Have an idea about the kind of digital toolbox that will help you best market and run your business.
  • Create a roadmap that clearly maps your goals with all your initiatives and activities that you can keep tweaking for years to come.


Hello! I am Razan Khatib.

I work with small business owners to get them to focus their efforts to digitally transform key functions of their business.

I run a coaching workshop that is designed to SHIFT your thinking around how you run your business to become natively DIGITAL.


This one-month-long coaching workshop is for leaders like you looking to go digital to expand your business. If your digital aspirations feel stuck or inefficient, this workshop will provide you with the learning opportunity towards acquiring a sharper vision and the tools to reach your goals.

If coaching seems like exactly what you need, please fill the following form to let me know more about you and your business so we can take this forward!


I've been a technologist for over 20 years, serving startups and businesses in Jordan and beyond in building their web and mobile initiatives. I am currently the co-founder and CEO of Spring Technologies, a digital development studio that helps businesses of all sizes launch engaging digital experiences.

While Spring continues to build digital experiences, a few years back I noticed how more business owners are seeking my advice dealing with their strategic digital efforts so I started my side-private consulting and coaching practice to find ways I could help those small businesses understand digital and build their growth strategies with it at the center.


  • The workshop is designed to be a set of 5-9 sessions to be delivered over one or two months.
  • At each session, you and I along with your operations and marketing leaders join together to learn and work on specific topics designed around a specific theme.
  • After each session, the identified responsible team member has to work on developing on the ideas and learnings done to deliver on a specific outcome of the session so we both can review and share notes.


Pricing depends on the complexity and size of your business and team which will reflect how many sessions are needed.

Fill the form now and tell me more about your business and key struggles so I can come back to you with a proposal that best fits your needs.


Who is this coaching for?

Any founder/owner of a small business that is thinking of or has recently experimented with going digital.

What happens after I fill the form?

I will review your form submission to first, make sure I can help you, then I we will set up a call to discuss the workshop in detail including pricing. Once we agree and sign we'll set a date and get started.

How will the sessions be conducted?

We will run each session in person or over ZOOM depending on COVID-19 restrictions. [Traveling is possible, please mention it in your inquiry submission].

What if I need help after the workshop is done?

We can agree on a 3, 6, or 12 months coaching engagement after the workshop is done.

What's the difference between coaching and consulting?

Coaching is designed for when you need someone to work and think with you on your business. While consulting is designed to have someone do the work on your behalf  and deliver documents/sheets/presentations...etc.

What's the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Mentorship is mostly driven by the mentee, follows an unstructured approach to advice, and covers many aspects of the business. While with coaching, the subject matter is clearly set as well as the expectations, making the engagement much more structured and allowing for some form of accountability if done over time.

Got more questions? Please fill the form so we can schedule a call and discuss further.